Cry for the Children

Values of this world are twisted and evil,
and in our minds, we can’t find right or wrong anymore
we spent to recycle, keep our highways clear,
we’re concerned about things, like the earth’s atmosphere,
some even cry because the whale may not always be here.

Eyes that never saw Mother, now gaze on the Saviour,
cries never made, are now cries of praise to the Lamb they adore,
little hands, that in death, were torn apart,
are held by hand that has been nail-scarred,
Heaven now welcomes innocent children we daily destroy.

But we’re killing our children,
it’s time to cry for the children,
for their blood flows like a river in the name of women’s rights,
but God knows each heartbeat, he know when every birthday should have been,
America, please get back on your knees for the sake of our children

I just recently heard this song sung by Gospel Express. This song has become my heart’s cry. Where is our nation headed?

Dear Lord, my cry is for the children that never see the break of day. May they rest in peace as you cradle each and every one in your arms.

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