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#6 Harvest Truly is Great…

This post was an email update that was sent out during my time spent in Nicaragua from 2009 to 2011. I started posting them here when some of my friends who had not received them, wanted to see and hear about the work there. You can access an entire list here.
As I looked at this field of sorghum waiting to be harvested, I was once again reminded of what our dear Lord says in Luke 10:2. Each of us in our own lives have a field before us waiting to be harvested. Are we doing our duty and harvesting that field? Or are we sitting back and letting it perish in the coming storm? Even if you are not on a foreign mission field, you still have the field to harvest in your own home area. Are you harvesting it?? Just some thoughts for you to ponder. I know I have thought of it a lot in this last week.
          Time has continued to move along and it is hard to believe that Christmas is upon us, but it is. Our house has been filled with Christmas music and smells of baking cookies and cakes. These last 2 weeks have full of Christmas preparations. We decided to take plates of cookies to our neighbors when we went Christmas caroling so last Wednesday, we spent the morning baking 4 different kinds of cookies for the plates. Last night all the staff went Christmas caroling to our neighbors here in El Terrero. We sang at 3 homes. For me, it was just the perfect evening for caroling. The moon was out and  the stars were shining. As I was walking, I was just pondering how beautiful it was and I said to Laura “Can you just imagine what it would look like with a snow-covered ground.
Last night at church we had a special Christmas service. Virginia has been practicing songs with her children for a while. We had been practicing with El Terrero & La Palmerita children, but last night only the El Terrero girls showed up. The La Palmerita children didn;t show up till church was all but over because there was some activity in the Rancho and people were handing out gifts. The program went well, but we were all glad to have it over. We as staff sang 3 songs also.
On Monday morning, we headed to Leon at 7:00 to assemble Christmas buckets. We spent the morning assembling buckets, before heading to La Palmerita to hand them out. The guys had to run and get some more things so we started a big kettle of Potato Soup as it was a rainy, dreary day. After lunch we headed to La Palmerita to hand out buckets. It took a little to get there, due to the rain we had had the night before. It was muddy and we got stuck a few times, but we got into La Palmerita and went around delivering buckests. It is amazing how many people try to act like they live in this house (but the windows are broken out and you can clearly see no one lives there) or I wasn’t home when you came through with the truck.  In the afternoon, they delivered buckets to the people in Rota. But it was a great blessing to pack them and then have them delivered to the homes, knowing you are helping a needy family this Christmas.
On the 13th, we were blessed to have the Waslala Chorus in town and give a program at Palabra de Vida. Some of us staff from La Palmerita went in Sunday morning to hear them. It was a blessing to hear them. For me, it was blessing to be able to visit with people that it has been over a year since I have seen them. It was great to catch up on each other’s lives and to spend time together. It was great to see Jacinto and Kendra, before  they headed to the States for some time with family, before moving into Zapote Kum. Jacinto & Kendra headed to Managua that afternoon after the program.
It is hard to believe how each of these children have grown since I got here. Hans is attempting to walk – some days are better than others. Little Miss Jill has got over her shyness and is leaving me hold her and is just growing as well. Nicholas is starting to say some legible words – English and Spanish. It is great to have these little ones around as it reminds me of my siblings at home.
. Johanna is a single mother and has 3 boys. She is also a lady who I got to know last summer and have been blessed to become reacquainted.  We spent today with her and her family. We took supplies and she helped us prepare a Nicaraguan lunch. I had a great time helping to prepare the food and to learn how to make some new dishes. It was only when I arrived home did I realize what I looked like. When I wasn’t aware what was happening she put soot on my face. I looked horrendous. It was great to spend Nicaragua Christmas with them.
Anyway I should once again run, before you all get tired of my long email. Thank you for your prayers, support, encouraging emails, and cards. God bless you abundantly.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!! 

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