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#8…An Upward Call

This post was an email update that was sent out during my time spent in Nicaragua from 2009 to 2011. I started posting them here when some of my friends who had not received them, wanted to see and hear about the work there. You can access the entire list here.

Blessings to all my fellow pilgrims in the journey of life before us. This past week I was challenged by “a life of walking in step with Christ” I have been studying the book “El Llamado Supremo” (The Upward Call) by John Coblentz. Some of the areas that I read about today were – “NOTHING in this world is worth the loss of our souls” and “In avoiding to take up our cross, we are giving up our right to eternal life” Both of these points are definitely points that need serious consideration. Are you… am I… going to hang on to this little thing, even though it will result in losing our souls? Are we afraid to take up the cross because it is uncomfortable…hard…brings opposition? Or are we going to step up to the plate, ready to follow Christ at any cost…through any opposition?

Since the last update, we have had a number of visitors. Each one was a blessing in each of their special ways. Before Laura’s sister left, Gloria Martin &; Alyssa Zimmerman arrived on the 1st. However they spent most of their time in Leon, but they spent Thursday, the 7th, with us. That day we went to Lake Asososca in the afternoon. The above picture is at the lookout, looking down to the lake and out across the surrounding area. It was quite a hike to and from the lake but I enjoyed my time. That day as well, Merle & Pauline Gingrich and LeRoy, Anna, & Shirlene Martin arrived for a short visit. It was great to see friends from my home area. Even though their stay was short, it was great to be able to see them in León in Thursday night and here in La Palmerita Sunday night. They left Monday the 11th and the Keystone Singles arrived from Waslala. On Wednesday the 13th, they spent the day in La Palmerita cleaning the church and working at Jason’s house. The girls painted the outside of the kitchen and the guys built his stove and did some cementing. 
Moving the pila into the kitchen

The guys then went and got the pila for his kitchen and moved it in. Mykel, Maria Luisa’s son, came along out to help the guys. 
Maykel troweling a step off the walkway

On Sunday afternoon, we here in El Terrero were invited into León to spend the afternoon and evening with the León staff & Keystone Singles at the beach. Randy & Laura and I went in to spend time there with them. I enjoyed my time a lot, talking with some of the girls that I got to know better. It was great to be able to meet them all and also see some familar faces. 
The setting sun

As the coming evening approached, I began to take pictures of the ocean and the evening sky. Thanks to some people in the group who showed me what some of the settings mean and how to take certain pictures, I got some wonderful pictures on the night sky.

The Keystone Singles
The singles left Monday and we now have Daryl & Andrea Martin and their family in our presence. We went to Managua yesterday afternoon and stopped at Price-Smart for some groceries before getting supper and then heading to the airport to pick up Daryl & Andrea. Coming home from Managua, I rode on the back of the truck amongst the luggage. That was one of the best rides because it was dark all around and the sky was full of bright stars. !The beauty of God’s marvelous works! Also Sheila Burkholder flew in Monday and this week Dwight & Heidi Fox (Krista’s brother & family) will be coming to live in León and help with the maintenance of vehicles and houses.

As far as my life and things I have been doing – Tuesday the 12th I spent the morning in Malpaisillo with Maria Luisa. She is needing to take it easy as she was in the hospital because she had went into labor. I went in that morning on the bus, figuring I could help her with her work. However we spent most of the morning in the clinic, as they needed to do some tests. I did enjoy my time with her that morning. On Wednesday afternoon the 13th, I said good-bye to my dear housemate and friend for the next 2-1/2 weeks. She went home to visit and also for Dawn Stauffer’s wedding. She will be coming back February 1st and I know it will great to have her back . I have been teaching Wednesday night & Sunday morning classes and they have been going pretty good. Sometimes I wonder if the children are getting anything out of the lesson because I have to stop and tell them to listen, but when I quiz them as I am reading and at the end of the lesson, they can give the correct answers. I just pray that I might be the example that God wants me to be to them and the many others that I come in contact with.

I would now like to introduce to you this young man that is our neighbor boy. His name is Yader and he lives with his aunts and cousins in a large house. His father lives in Managua. I am not totally sure of his age, but he is a young man that needs our prayers. He is not always in the best of company.
Yader eating a limón with chile
I just want to thank you all for sending cards and letters. I have enjoyed each one of them and so far everything that people said they sent to the Managua address has come through. God bless you all as you continue praying & support!
Blessings to you through out your week,

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