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#15 LP Vaccination Day, Birthday Party, Staff Trip…

This post was an email update that was sent out during my time spent in Nicaragua from 2009 to 2011. I started posting them here when some of my friends who had not received them, wanted to see and hear about the work there. You can access the entire list here.

    Greetings to all of you from El Tererro, where the grass is turning green and the plants are starting to look nice since the last rains that the Lord blessed us with. We have been blessed with several very nice rains in the last week. As it was raining, the thought came to my mind – that of how the dry, parched ground received the rain. I pray that our lives as Christians are not dry and parched, but that it is ever open to receive the Word of the Lord and then as we interact with other people that our witness/testimony may be as rain to their dry, parched soul. 
On Friday the 23rd, Virginia & I spent the morning in La Palmerita. We took the nurses from the clinic along as it was time for vaccinations in La Palmerita. I enjoyed the morning very well, as I was able to visit it with many friends. It was great to see all the children that came and their mothers as well. I also got to see some new babies. it was interesting watching all the expressions when children and adults received their vaccinations. The above picture is of the children coming home from school. One of the boys on Center Street takes his cart to from school. Their classes end around 12:00, so after the cartload went past, there was soon a number of people at the rancho as mothers were bringing all their children. I was glad I got the opportunity to go along. On Sunday morning, we then took the nurses to El Tererro #3 to spend the morning vaccinating there.
On Saturday afternoon the 24th, we were invited to La Palmerita for the birthday party of Banessa. She turned a year-old. The people for the Evangelical Church in Techunami had a small service before they served us the birthday meal. While they were singing, they left the children hit the piñata. I was kept quite busy snapping pictures of family and friends. The young girl that I had featured in my last email one of the older sisters of Banessa. When we placed the cake in front of her, she had so much fun touching it. It was so cute.
The young lady pictured at the top right is Alba. She lives on the bottom half of 1st Street. She came from a nice size family. She is 17 years old and just had a baby boy. She does not come to church regularly, but some of her siblings come from time to time. I talk to her from time to time and desire to get to know her better. Please join me in praying for her!
This past Sunday afternoon till Tuesday afternoon we spent our time at Selva Negra as a staff trip. I enjoyed the time, especially the time that we spent each morning in the chapel singing. On Monday some of us climbed to the top of Selva Negra. I am so glad I did it, but wow it was a hard climb. Coming down you just slid in the mud. I was very muddy till I got to the bottom. I enjoyed being able to spend time with the staff and get to know every one better.
Blessings to each of you as you serve in your field! If you think of it, I will be starting a young girls’ class this weekend. Keep each of us in your prayers. The girls as they come that their hearts might be open and me as I strive to portray God’s Word to them clearly.
Until the next time, Andrea

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