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#22 Fresh Corn, Good-bye, New Animals….

This post was an email update that was sent out during my time spent in Nicaragua from 2009 to 2011. I started posting them here when some of my friends who had not received them, wanted to see and hear about the work there: Post One of Nicaraguan Updates.

So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. Isaiah 55:11
    As I spent some time this past month stamping “La Antorcha de Verdad” (a Spanish tract/book that is printed in Costa Rica) and “Para Ti” ( Spanish “Just for You” printed by Christian Light Publications) many times the above verse came to my mind. We may not know the impact that one of these tracts has made in the life of a person until we reach eternity. As I read the story in the above pictured Antorcha,  I was deeply challenged. It had 3 small stories about people that were delayed and resulted in innocent people dying. It left the challenge that many people today fail simply because they do not do what is necessary in the correct time. But what is so sad is that many die without the hope of going to heaven, because they did not repent nor looked for God in time. Are we willing to put aside some time to stamp tracts, prepare tracts to mail, go with our congregation to pass out tracts in a nearby city? Or we going to delay because today my friends want to hang out? I just leave this challenge that you. Do not delay…Listen to God and obey His command.
    We have said good-bye to Davy Schlabach, our business administrator this month. He is headed back to the States to prepare for his wedding. We had a farewell supper the Sunday before he left. We wanted to take a picture of all the guys together. As we were deciding where to take the picture, a drunk fellow walked up and wanted to be on the picture(guy in the back corner with arms crossed) Nathan Miller (in the back in blue shirt and glasses) and his wife-Angie along with their daughter, Gloria have come to us from Nebraska to be the business administrator. Please pray for them as they study the language and take over their responsibilities, as well as they adjust to the climate and culture here.
    Featured Lady: Maria Ester lives just down the road from us with her husband Juan Ramon and 2 sons, Jose and Adiel. She is always so willing to show us how to make Nicaraguan foods. She came one day and showed us how to make Chicken Soup-Nicaragua Style. It is a very good soup. One day I stopped in to visit her and found her husband cutting corn off the cob, so I asked her what they were planning to do. She said that they planning to make tamales. I asked her if I may come down and learn how to make them. So I went down in the afternoon to help her make them. For those of you who do not not know what tamales are, I will try to explain. You take fresh-picked corn (and it is not sweet corn!) and cut it off the cob. You then grind it through the corn grinder. After you grind it, you can add some cuajara (Cuajara is a very well-know cheese here in Nicaragua. You take fresh milk and put part of a rennet tablet in and let it set till it separates. You then pour off the whey and squeeze it dry and add salt and it is ready to eat.) Back to tamales – You take a 2 leaves of corn husk and put the corn mixture in it. Then you can either add a sweet mixture of cinnamon & cuajara or meat mixture or just leave it plain. You then fold the leaves over so that it is all covered and put it in a pot of boiling water. You let them steam for several hours. They are best right out of the kettle! I really enjoyed my lesson and would love to try it myself sometime. After we finished the tamales, she had me cut up the cuajara she had made and mix in the salt. I enjoyed the time that I could spend with her and learn how to make Nicaraguan foods.
    We had quite an interesting Friday night. It was our scheduled night for youth night. However it started raining at 10:00 Friday morning and rained most of the day…sometimes quite heavily. Randy received a call around lunch, asking him to go to La Palmerita and pick up an older lady and take her to Malpaisillo to the clinic as she was sick. The staff arrived from Leon around 2:00. We decided to cancel the youth night as it was still raining and was getting harder to get into La Palmerita. Randy called around 6:30 and said that he is stuck and the truck won’t start so the guys headed out to help him. They ended up pulling the truck back to the house and later pulled it to Leon. While the men tried to fix the truck, we women learned how to play “Get Hooked.” It is a fishing game and a lot of fun.
    We have made some new additions to the animals on this farm. Randy bought a horse and her colt last month from a man in La Palmerita. Her name is Chinga and she loves to run. I have had some very interesting rides. I used her several times to get to and from La Palmerita as it is quite muddy right now due to the rain. Last Thursday I bought a horse myself. I bought her from Angel & Mariana – Ramon’s parents. I have rode her several times and I am quite impressed with her. Her name is Beulah. On Tuesday I bought a saddle for her and did a little riding yesterday. I can’t wait to ride her on Saturday when I go to La Palmerita. Right now it is so much easier to get to La Palmerita on horse because of the mud. I have been able to go and do a lot more visiting. I have been enjoying the ride out.
    Just pray for us as we continue to strive to share God’s Word and answer many questions. Thank you all for your support and prayers. Without you, this work would not be possible. May God’s name be honored and glorified.
    In Christian Love, Andrea

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