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#30 New Faces

122310 Update1
    As I sat here trying to decide what pictures to use for my update, I saw these pictures of the combines in the fields. Each combine was harvesting something different. The one is harvesting peanuts and the other is harvesting soybeans. Now you and I both know that each farmer planted that which he wanted to harvest. A farmer doesn’t plant peanuts and expect to harvest corn, neither does he plant corn and expect to harvest sorghum. The same is true for us as Christians; if we expect to have a harvest centered on the Lord, we need to sow the things of God. We cannot sow sin and expect to have a good harvest. The immediate outcome might look appealing, but sin has its consequences. I just wanted to challenge each of you as you are working in the field of God. Sow that which you want to reap!
122310 Update
In the last month, three little boys have been born into homes in La Palmerita. Typically a newborn is a blessing to the home and each is another little miracle from the Lord to remind us of our Lord’s greatness and the wonder in His creations. We all rejoice at the birth of a newborn that is healthy. Each of these little boys that were recently born, were born into homes that the parents are not married. It breaks my heart to see the homes that they are born into. Some of them have different fathers than the rest of the siblings. Just pray that their mothers might see their need of the Lord in the lives and His help to raise children for His honor & glory
I am pictured  with Yoconda. She is a 13-year old girl from 3rd Street, who desires to be loved and wants someone to pay attentions to her. Sometimes she will walk up to me and call me “fachenta” which more or less means a snob. I might not have down anything snobbish, but it is just her way of getting attention. She is a young girl that is so easily to love and she is the one that just pulls at my heart each time I see her. The dress she is wearing is a dress that Virginia gave to her for her birthday.             IMG_4273
    The ladies above are Darling & Mirrna, along with Mirrna’s brother in the center. Darling is the daughter-in-law to Paulina, the woman that just passed away. Darling & Johnny(the young man on the left with Hans), as well as Otoniel have started coming to the Wednesday night services since the death of their mother. Pray that they might see that the Lord can give them a peace and joy that this world cannot offer. Mirrna, of course, is Julio’s woman and has also been attending church quite regularly. I spent some time with Mirrna Tuesday morning. I got to learn a few new things about her and feel like I know her a little better. Mirrna’s brother came to live with her & Julio for several weeks and he will be leaving the end of this week. When he first came to class, he appeared to be very shy; but he has come out of his shell and can be just as naughty as the rest of the boys Smile 



    Monday, a week ago, Rosibel & Laura invited me to go horseback riding with them up into the mountains. I had never gone up into the mountains with the natives and I had been hearing how beautiful and peaceful it was back there.  We went up in the


 afternoon around 3:30 and it was like seeing a new world. As we rode back the lane, we came upon the herd of El Carmen’s cows. It was a large herd and there was some nice-looking ones. We were able to see where Angel’s have their beehives. (They have just started collecting honey and plan to do it every 2 months.) The trail was very nice most of the way and everything was so quiet and seemed like just a wonderful place to get away from the hustle & bustle of the world to spend a few minutes in solitude. We spent about 1-1/2 hours up there just riding around and seeing many different things that our Lord has created. That time spent riding in the mountain was a time of refreshment for me.

    On Saturday afternoon, we spent some time in Rota having a church service. We decided to try having the service in the center of town. We set up chairs under a large tree. As you sit waiting for people to come, you will see many ox carts and and horse-drawn wagons coming
into the town square to get water from the artisan well. It is not 


unusual to see carts with 3 or 4 blue barrels when you drive the road. Everyone go to town square to get their water. The town just recently received electric and it seemed a little strange to actually see Christmas lights hanging from the porches there. We had a nice turn-out on Saturday night. It was the most people that have attended the services there in Rota since I have arrived. A few morepeople arrived after I took this picture. Also while we had the 


 service, different times there were groups of men under hanging out under the tree. They may not have been sitting in the service; but I just pray that whatever they might have heard might have challenged them to take a look at their lives and evaluate their way of living. We heard a very challenging message on the love that we have for our neighbors & our enemies. I was also challenged in my Christian walk. We as Christians are not exempt from Satan’s attacks and He will try all the harder to make us as Christians to fall when it comes to having a love for our neighbors & enemies. When we start to allow little things irritate us, it will not belong till it becomes a giant mountain. We need to rid ourselves of it when it it small. A saying I heard today was “We cannot change the people or the circumstances, but we can change OUR attitude towards the people and the circumstances.” I just leave this as a challenge to each of you!

I will add a few more pictures at the bottom before I close. May God richly bless each of you! Christmas blessings and a happy New Year!
122310 Update-1
Laura milking the goat!
The little ones helping Angie bag soap bars for Christmas buckets.

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