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#35 Between Here and Sunset

IMG_4842Between Here and Sunset
Between here and sunset, there’ll be rivers to cross.
The winds may be ‘round me, my ship may be tossed.
But the pilot that’s guiding my vessel can see.
Between here and sunset just what’s waiting for me.
And he hold back the sun if the need should arise.
If the mountains too steep, he’ll just lower the skies.
He exalt every valley, when they’re too rough and steep,
And between here and sunset, God will take care of me.
As sure as the years, number thousands and more,
And as sure as the sand lies to rest on the shore,
Just as sure as the clouds roll the rain from the sea,
Between here and sunset, He’ll take care of me.
And between here and sunset, God will take care of me.
    As I watched the sunset the other evening and marveled at the beauty of it, the above song came to my mind. God will take care us, amidst whatever may come. He will take care of you and I, each and every day. No matter how long He tarries, He will take care of each of His children until He calls us all home. It thrills me to think of what lies beyond each sunset – a new sunrise. Beyond the final sunset lies a new Sunrise beyond anything human minds can comprehend. Are you anxiously waiting that new Sunrise as you serve your Saviour here or would you rather not think of it, because you have not been washed in the blood at Calvary? Or maybe you have been washed in the blood, but have fallen aside. God is waiting with open arms to receive you back into His loving embrace. My friend, I beg you, don’t delay. God is coming back! Are you ready?
IMG_4849At the current time, another house in El Tererro is undergoing construction. This house is located along the outskirts of La Palmerita and needs to be repaired and some walls need to be replaced. This is the house that Randy and Laura will be moving into, Lord willing, the end of April or beginning of May.IMG_4853 Lord willing, May 3rd, Keith & Christine Nolt and family will be joining our team there in El Tererro and we be moving into the house that Randy’s are living in at the current time. The last several days the men have been putting in long hours, laying brick. In  the picture to the left, Randy and Benito were working on the back wall and getting it ready to lay brick. Since I took these pictures, they have laid the brick and put a window on the wall were Randy is standing. They have also got a nice amount of brick laid on the front wall of the house. To the right of the front of the house, they took out a door and put in a wall and window. The wall between the boys’ bedroom and the family room/kitchen needs to be replaced as well. It will seem different once Randy’s move to the new house, but I look forward to getting to know Keith & Christine and their family.
IMG_4867IMG_4870We once again had a service in Rota, the little town that is about 30 minutes from El Tererro. No one from the community came to the service. When we arrived, there were men sitting under the trees there in the middle of town, but all of the got up and left before the service was half-over. I just would like to ask you to pray for this community. Sometimes there seems to be an interest and the next time it seems as that is the last thing on their minds. The Catholic church as well as the Jehovah’s Witness have a very strong hold on the people there. Pray for us as we relate to the people and search out God’s will as we minister to the community. The picture to the left is of a little girl and her brother that walked past us while we had the 

service. They were returning from buying some bread at the little venta. My heart went out to her and I wished I could have taken her home and given her a bath. And of course the other picture is of people coming to the town well to fill the barrels with water for the next day or next several days.
IMG_4895    Last evening after church, the children was in the mood to play. The children’s class was finished before the adult’s class so Laura & I played “Flying Dutchmen” For those of you that are not familiar with this name or game, I will give a little explanation. You all stand in a circle facing in and holding hands. Someone IMG_4899crosses under another person’s arms until the entire circle is facing out and then you run in a circle as fast as you can and try to stay connected. The ones that let go and fall are out of the game and then you make a circle with the rest of  the people and continue the game until everyone has fallen and is out of the game. We played several rounds of that. (and my arms are very sore this morning.) After that they got a lively game of soccer started and that went on for a while. A bunch of lively 8-14 year olds playing. They eventually chased the ball around the church house and had quite a lively game, but they didn’t appear to be as tired out as I was Smile Julio joined in the game for a while and gave them some competition.
And of course some pictures of the growing little boys. I was recently looking at pictures from when I first come to Nicaragua and saw how much some of the little children from La Palmerita have grown, but then I looked at pictures of Nick and Hans and they have been growing just as much as all the other little children. I took these pictures while playing with them on Monday evening. It was fun to spend time with them and interact with them. I think they had just as much fun as I did Smile
Anyway I think I will draw to a close and get this email sent to you all. Have a great day & may God richly bless you. A thought to ponder – What are you doing with your time “Between Here and Sunset”?
In His Service, Andrea

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