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#39 Birthdays, Street Ministry

In the harvest field, now ripened, there’s a work for all to do. Hark, the Master’s voice is calling. To the harvest, calling you.
Does the place you’re called to labor seems so small and little-known. It is great if God is in it and He won’t forsake His Own.
Little is much when God is in it. Labor not for wealth or fame. There’s a crown and you can win it. If you’ll go in Jesus’ name.
When the conflict here has ended and our race on earth is run. He will say, if you’ve been faithful,
“Welcome home! Welcome home! Welcome home, my child. Well done!”
    As I was sitting at my computer sorting pictures and preparing them for another update, the song above was playing and it challenged me in many ways – Little is much if God is in it. I know too often for me, I expect something large and grand to take place, but I am reminded that little steps are just as great if God is in them. Each change, big or small, is worth it all. May each of you be challenged to continue shining for God and serving Him wholly, even if you feel like your part is little and insignificant.
Pics for Updates1
    We try to have a joint church activity on each 5th Sunday. Sometimes we all go somewhere and play games or sometimes we sing in Central in Leon. That is just what we did on the 29th. We all met at Palabra de Vida (Leon church) around 4:00 and then loaded into 2 trucks and went to Central. The majority of us gathered in a group under a large tree and began to sing. Two native brethren took “Para Ti” (Just for You) tracts and began walking along handing them out to the people that were there, whether they were street vendors or whoever they came in contact with. We had people that stopped and listened to us as we sang songs of Christ and His love for us. We had several people stop and take pictures of us as we stood there. After spending about 1 hour there, it is amazing how many people pass through. We may never know here on this earth how many lives were touched by the songs. But even if one soul was brought to the Lord, it was worth it.
Pics for Updates1-1
    After spending the afternoon in Central, we all returned to the community center/social hall that adjoins the Palabra de Vida Church. The ladies from Leon had prepared a supper for all that had come out to sing. We had gallopinto, salad, and tajadas (fried plantain chips) and finished off the meal with a piece of birthday cake. Angie’s birthday was also that day, so Andrea B had made several cakes to help celebrate her birthday. Afterward everyone hung around playing games and talking. I helped play several rounds of Golf (a card game with Skip-bo cards) The children had fun playing with Legos and little puppets that were in the closet there.
    I spent that night in Leon as I had an appointment with an ophthalmologist the following day to open and drain a stye-like lump on my right eyelid. I had the procedure done almost 3 years ago and the doctor had told me it is highly possible that I could get them back. I didn’t have any problems, but while I was home for my last visit in the States, my eyelid started getting puffy and sore. I hoped it was just a stye and would go away. I returned to Nicaragua and it still didn’t get any better. It started getting bigger and became more irritating. Jason recommended a clinic in Leon and I went and the doctor told me what it was and that if it didn’t clear up after a week of drops and ointment that he gave me, he would need to open it and drain it. Well it didn’t clear up so May 30th found Denise and I headed to his office to have it drained. (Here’s a little cultural difference: He saw another patient before he took me into the office, however he came out into the waiting room and put in drops to numb my eyelid. Not something that you would find in the States.)  Once I was in the office, he out in some more drops to continue numbing it. Once he got started, everything was going fine till he clamped a little device to my eyelid to hold it open. My ears started closing on me and I became all clammy and I felt all panicky. I could still hear the doctor asking me questions, but I couldn’t answer. I finally was able to squeak out a faint “sí” when he asked me if I was dizzy.  Within seconds, he had my feet elevated, a fan blowing full force over me, and was wiping sweat off my face and giving me some water to drink. It scared me a little, but he was able to finish the procedure. The whole thing tired me out Sleepy smile but I just had to laugh when I saw myself in a mirror later on Smile He patched it all up with such a thick patch, I couldn’t even wear my glasses. But praise the Lord for the wisdom he has granted to the doctors. My eyelid looks normal now and it didn’t even turnblack & blue!
Pics for Updates1-4
    The above clouds have been becoming part of the normal from day to day. We haven’t yet had as much rain this year as last year, but it rains a little every couple days. On Tuesday as we spent time in La Palmerita, we watched big black clouds coming towards us. They continued to move closer and soon Momotombo was totally hid from view. You couldn’t even see a faint outline. Wednesday afternoon as we were waiting for church to start, it began to thunder and lighten. Before church even got started, it began to pour. I had taken the children into the classroom, but it was raining that hard that I needed to shout. We tried to sing a few songs, after which I had prayer. I gave them coloring pages and whenever the rain would let up, I would tell a little bit of the story. They listened very well and were able to answer the questions. The water had begun to seep into the Sunday School building before the rain began to let up. Everything looked so fresh and clean after the rain.
Pics for Updates1-3
    On Monday, we all made a trip to Leon. The doctor wanted me to come back to look at my eyelid and make sure it is healing properly. After my visit, I tried to call Randy’s to find where they were, but had no success. I was waiting at the San Juan bus stop, when Denise and Yesenia walked up. They, of course, wanted to know what I was up to. I didn’t have much of anything in mind, other than to get out of the rain. They invited to join them on their morning outing. I had a great time with them and we topped off the morning with a stop at La Rosita for lunch. While Denise and Yesenia studied together, I answered some emails and caught up with some friends and family.
    On Tuesday, Christine and I braved a trip to the local health center with Owen to get some of his immunizations. I had only ever visited this clinic a few times before, but was just going along and not actually being the main person to try and communicate with the nurse. The dear nurse kept calling Owen a little girl. the poor little guy received 4 immunizations. Two were shots and two were given in a liquid by mouth. Never know that you can be immunized by a liquid taken by mouth. They of course had to weigh him and measure him to make sure that he is growing.
    Tuesday was the first opportunity that we had to take Christine along to La Palmerita for Tuesday classes. Keith & Christine have a break from Spanish classes this week, so we invited her to come along with us and see what our Tuesdays in Palmerita are like. This week we only had 2 classes as one of the ladies was not at  home to receive class. I am hoping to go out on Thursday afternoon if everything works out. We were able to visit some people that we had not seen in a long time and it was great to be out there once again. I think the part that made it so much fun for me was that all the ladies (Laura, Christine, and Megan) were along.
Pics for Updates1-2
    The other night at church Juancito was giving Franklin a ride on the horse. Little Franklin is such a happy little guy. We think he possibly has cerebral palsy. At the current time, some people are working at getting a stroller of some type for his mother to use to transport him to and from church because he is getting so heavy for her to carry. One morning I came over to the other house to find Nick and Hans trying to walk around in Jason’s boots. Nick could do it pretty good, other than when he had to lift his foot up onto the porch. However Hans didn’t have much till he was flat on his face. Nick had a birthday on June 1st, so we invited the neighbors to come up and celebrate with him. L aura made 2 cakes and we served Pepsi as well. Nick turned 4.
Pics for Updates1-5
And once again there are some new babies on the little farm. Randy’s pelibueys each gave birth. Sombra had a little female and Biscuit had a little female and a little male. Oh and those little mothers are so possessive of their little ones. You get too close and they start stumping their feet.
That is all I have for now. The next update will possibly be late, as my parents and siblings arrive next Wednesday for a 1-1/2 week visit. I am looking forward to introducing them to my friends and show them around the area.
Until the next time! God bless!

Committed to His Service, Andrea

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