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#42 When life gives you mud puddles….


 For ye shall go out with joy, and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands. Isaiah 55:12

As I looked at this verse and did a little background study on it, Isaiah is talking to the Jews concerning their captivity in Babylon. However if we take this verse to another aspect, we could compare it to the feelings and relief that wash over a soul that has made a commitment to our Lord. They have been freed from their “bondage” of sin. They can go out with joy and a feeling of peace, being relieved of their baggage of sin and having their life cleansed with the blood of Jesus Christ. May your lives be filled with the joy and peace that only comes from a life cleansed in the blood of our precious Savior.
Albert y Miriam
We have just come through several days of revival meetings and I have been blessed and challenged by the messages. The first couple nights I didn’t get too much out of the message due to trying to keep rowdy children sitting quietly. Albert & Miriam Struhbar and their family, as well as Miriam’s sister Johana came to share the Word with us. Albert & Miriam are from Kusilí, Nicaragua. Kusili is beyond Waslala. It was a blessing to spend time with another Christian family and fellowship together. It definitely was a good experience for some of us women, as Miriam only speaks Spanish. But it was good for us and I even learned some new words 🙂 The attendance was pretty good each night and someone new showed up almost every night.
*Playing Golf with the neighbor girls

*My mud-splattered friends and I

The picture above has quite the story! I decided to do something special for the young girls from my girls’ class, so we invited them out to the “farm” for a sleepover. We decided to do it this past Friday night, as the guys had went camping. I told them I would come pick them up around 5:30pm and take them back to the house. I went out to LP to pick each of them up. It had been raining most of the afternoon and I was kinda worried about getting into LP. I couldn’t figure out how to lock in the hubs, but the road didn’t seem bad when I entered LP, so I wasn’t too worried anymore. I picked up all the girls and headed back out the way I had come. To make a long story short, we arrived at the mud hole I feared the worst and as we entered the truck so nicely slid to the side and got stuck ;( The girls all jumped out and said they would push. They pushed me front…they pushed me back….front….back….front….back… We thought we were getting somewhere then it would slide the other way and we were stuck…again. We tried calling Leonardo, but their one phone was turned off and as I dialed the 2nd number, I lost cellphone service and was not able to find it again. Alvarado came along and tried to help us as well, but we just weren’t having much luck. Finally I asked him if he would be willing to bike out to Don Pedro and see if there was a tractor available to come and pull us out. He left and it started pouring and there was nowhere for all these wet, muddy girls to take refuge, so we huddled together. I knew Laura would be getting worried, but there was no way to contact her, because I couldn’t seem to find cellphone service. The girls said “let’s try pushing one more time” So back into the truck I climbed all muddy and wet, and we tried but to no avail. And as the story goes, our knight in a blue raincoat arrived on his white horse……He looked at us and kinda grinned, but asked if there was somewhere to tie a rope. He doubled up his 3/4″ rope  and hooked it on the front of the truck…..and then tied it to the horse’s TAIL!!! The girls all lined up along the back of the truck and when he said “ya” they pushed…I slowly left out the clutch and the horse pulled us…….right out of that mud puddle! I think everyone cheered. We unhooked the rope and the horse and his rider rode off into the dark night and this “gringa” and her group of girls praised the Lord and jumped onto and into the truck and headed for the house. As we were arriving we met Laura  walking towards us. She had decided to go to the neighbors to see if they would be willing to take her to LP, as she was sure we were stuck. We arrived home an hour late…tired, wet, hungry, but thankful. The next day the girls washed the truck after breakfast. We all had a great time together and made many great memories!
*Magdalena, Lanita Hess, and Deynaire

girls and I
*Mireyda, myself, Deynaire, and Katherin

Yaritza and Krista
*Krista Bowman and Yaritza

Cleaning the truck
*Cleaning the truck after its thrilling experience

The pictures above were just a few of the many pictures that I have from the sleepover that i had with the girls. 


On Saturday we were invited to the birthday party of Amy, the daughter of Hector & Iris. I was reminded once again why I don’t like Nicaraguan birthday parties. They always play loud, beating music. Amy is pictured above with her father and a great-uncle. Hector and Iris used to live just down the farm lane, but have moved out to another farm where he is working.

Since the beginning of the month, three young ladies have joined the staff here in Nicaragua. Lanita Hess-PA and Krista Bowman-VA will be moving into the El Terrero house once they finish language school and Carmen Diem-SC will be moving into the girls’ house in Leon. Please pray for these young ladies as they adjust to the culture, climate, and language here. Krista and Lanita are both pictured in this email.

Also pray for me as I prepare to leave and move back to PA. I fly out of Nicaragua on September 13th at 1:00PM. 

Until later, God bless! Andrea

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