Overdue News!

Hello to all of you! Time has sped by and it has been several months since many have heard from me. I must admit that it has been way too long, so I decided to attempt to get one out this week. 
God truly has been good and I felt the prayers of many as I started my first semester of college. As I began to study, I realized how much I did enjoy studying. Both classes went fairly well and I felt that I was able to adjust quite well to a school schedule. Of course, night school did cut out some family time, but my family was understanding(even the brothers, that were always telling me that they did all the work while I sat on my computer). I am officially finished with the Spring semester and have a month break before I start on Summer classes. 

My father and brothers have been doing some work around our home. I don’t recall when the siding was replaced(while I lived in Nicaragua or when??) They just recently bought stone for the front of the house. They spent several evenings laying the stone. It looks so nice and I can hardly remember what it originally looked like. He also bought pavers and laid them on the floor of the side porch. In the near future, we are planning to add a piece on. The house is just getting smaller with all the bigger children.
I plan to fly to Missouri next weekend to visit my friend Audrey. She moved out there with her sister last fall and has been enjoying it very much. I also plan to teach VBS this summer with my sister, Wendy. June 18th, I start my summer classes and they go until August 9th. I have a week and half break before I then start my fall classes. I am hoping to start as a Patient Care Assist this fall as well to get me into the hospital and get some experience.

We have sold all out little puppies. They were so cute, but were getting bigger and naughtier 🙂
We had a mother/daughter tea at church with a gorgeous, yummy fruit basket and rice & beans for the hot food. The ladies on the committee asked the Guatemelan lady, Miriam to make a meal. I was in my glory!

We as young people are headed to the cabin this weekend. Well actually the rest of the youth are already there. My sister had to work till 9pm so we are leaving as soon as she gets home. It is about 2-1/2 hrs drive, so I have a long night ahead of me. I have begun to drink my coffee, because I know she is tired from working almost 10hrs today in receiving (she works at Weaver’s store in Fivepointville and they received a large shipment today)
I would love to hear from some of you when you have a spare moment!
Blessings to you all!

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