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The "R" Blessings

I stopped to think of the “R” blessings, and the first one that came to mind was that of our redemption. 
Without Christ coming to redeem me and forgive my sins, I would be a poor lost sinner. He is the reason I am alive and singing today. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for each of us and redeeming us from our awful life of sin
Being the college student that I am, rest has become a valuable part of my life. In order to be effective and receive all out of a class, I realized the need for rest. Be properly rested has made many a day much easier to go through. Whether rest is physical rest as in sleep, or mental rest as in a vacation, both have done wonders for me a college student. 
Just taking the afternoon to sit by the lake, see the clouds float by, talk to friends, catch up on the lives of others: all have a way of refreshing and relaxing the weary one.
As a future nursing student and a sibling to a brother with a genetic disorder, I am once again reminded of the blessing that we have as a nation in regards to research. 
Had it not been for medical research, all of these people would probably not have been around to for this picture. Suffering from MSUD, some of these children or adults would have been severely damaged or crippled; many would have possibly died. After spending 2 days surrounded by all these young people and listening to doctors discuss new research, I was thankful  and blessed to be surrounded by research and doctors willing to learn.
These are just some of the many blessings God has showered upon my life!

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