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Catch up…

It would have appeared that this dear college student has gone MIA in  relation to GreaThings 2012. Yes, I haven’t posted for 5 days…so I will catch them up today without letting my post get too long.

Day 9: Difficult Experiences…the experience that was the biggest difficulty for me this past year was moving back to USA. I had spent the past two years living in Nicaragua, CA and I had made the decision to return to my home state at the end of my two-year commitment. After living two years in a new place, I had felt if I was was feeling comfortable with my surroundings and my accomplishment of the Spanish language (no, it wasn’t perfect, but I could comfortably hold a conversation and learn new things at the same time). Moving back threw me into another culture shock, even though I was going to my home. This past year has brought me through many events and experiences that took extra grace as I tried to adjust to being home, living with my family instead of by myself, spending time with a youth group that had drastically changed in two years…But praise the Lord, He is faithful and always was by my side to give me extra strength for the moment.

Day 10: “I” is for…Inspirations…I just love the moments when I am doing school work or reading a book and I have an inspiration to do a random thing. It is amazing how that random thing can just add a boost to my day. Most times it isn’t anything huge…something as simple as going for a walk, taking a moment to pat the cat or hold the puppies, or maybe to lay on the floor and play house with my siblings. It also can be taking the opportunity to bless another one’s day by a text, an email, a card….

Day 11: New Experiences to learn from…for me, it was stepping into the local community college as a student. The first step was the scariest, but it is hard to believe that a year has passed since I first stepped in the door at Harrisburg Area Community College. I have made so many new friends and have learned so many things from my studies, but I also have been strengthened in my Christian life. As I began attending classes there, I was challenged to look at my life and evaluate to verify that “my talk” matched “my walk”. Each semester brings another new experience and continuously I need to stop and look at my life and make sure that I am where God wants me.

Day 12: Three New Things that I have learned….I hope no one minds, but I am gonna bring in some of my Biology lessons. Did you know….

  • A single drop of blood contains more than 250 million blood cells
  • Humans actually have 5 different tastes on their tongue: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami
  • Humans can distinguish approximately 10,000 odors
Day 13: “G” is for….great friends! My many great friends have stood by me this year and laughed and cried with me. Sometime we didn’t always agree about matters, but we cared enough to believe in each other.
Well, I believe this has gotten long enough 🙂

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