Secret Shadow by Loreen Plett – A Book Review

By all appearances Lawanda’s father was a conscientious Christian and dedicated family man raising his children to be respectful and obedient. But this carefully cultivated image was far from the truth.

Lawanda and her siblings knew all too well what their father was really like. Living in the dark and secret shadow of her father’s abuse and hypocrisy, Lawanda suffered silently, nursing a terrible load of anger and rebellion. She struggled, wanting to do the right thing, but often yielding to fear and bitterness. Lawanda needed help – desperately. But who could help her? Who would love her the way she was? She trusted no one.

What I Loved about the Book:
I will admit upon seeing the cover, my attention was drawn to what lie beyond the cover. Opening that book, I knew not what lie there, but as I read, I found a young soul crying out to be heard. Secret Shadow was written in a way to protect the family and all those involved in this situation and I commend the author and “Lawanda” for being willing to do this. It allows the reader to focus on the life’s experiences without having any preconceived ideas or thoughts about those involved. As I read the experiences of the Plett family, my heart cried out for the family. At times, it left me wondering what could be done different.

This book can show a victim of abuse that there is hope, that others have walked this road before and can identify with what you may be experiencing. The book can also be of great help to adults who focus on helping abuse victims by showing them how others have dealt with abuse victims.

I highly recommend taking the time to read this book and I challenge you to take time to breathe a prayer before you crack the cover. Ask God to allow it to speak to you, whether showing you how to deal with a “Lawanda” near you. Or maybe you are a “Lawanda” looking for answers, feeling that you have reached the end of your rope-know that you are not alone in this battle. The battle has been fought before by other “Lawandas.”

This book is available from Christian Light Publications and Amazon.
Note: Secret Shadow was written in a discreet manner, but is not recommended for children.

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