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Psalms 25 Recap

I have truly been blessed and challenged as I spent time in this Psalm. The words that God gave David were words of simplicity, but so full of meaning and depth. This Psalm is labeled as a prayer of guidance and I claim it as my personal Psalm.

David cries out to God: I lift my soul unto you. He is declaring his neediness. He realizes how small and insignificant he is without God by his side. He is trusting in God and desires to not be ashamed of God. He recognizes that there will be times of conflict, and though it would be easier to “deny” God, that is not his desire at all.

He is desiring the guidance of God in his life, just as I do in my life. He is looking to God for direction. He desires to know the truth. He “waits” on the Lord. Wait according to Strong’s means to look for, expect, hope. He is looking for the Lord.

In verse 11, he starts with a question of what man is he that feareth the Lord, to which he answers: he shall be taught in the way he shall choose. Such a man shall dwell in goodness! He is surrounded by the counsel of the Lord.

He finishes up the Psalm, his eyes drawn to the Lord, pleading for mercy and guidance in life’s paths. He cries out for protection and deliverance from enemies. He desires to serve, unashamed, with integrity and uprightness, as he waits on the Lord.

This Psalm became real and personal to me this weekend. I spent several days surrounded by fellow believers at a weekend retreat. Though many of us did not know each other, we had several things in common:
1. We were all believers following an Eternal and Everlasting God, saved from sin’s trap, by the blood of Jesus Christ.
2. We all held a common interest: we all had a love for the field of medicine – in the midst were doctors, RNs, LPNs, CNAs, EMTs, paramedics, nursing students, pre-nursing students, and therapists.
3. We all came searching for a refreshing weekend in God’s Word, while surrounded with others of like professions.

The point that was stressed continuously through the weekend is to seek God’s will for each moment today. Take time to pray about the small things in life, because God always answers prayer. It will always be “yes,” “no,” or “wait.” He is faithful, guiding us today as we walk and look to Him for instruction.

Seek His face today!



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