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Thursday Thoughts – Time

I’m running out of time, it seems to be my second name. 
I guess it must be me cause its always the same. 
I gotta to keep turning a little further down the line. 
It’s 5 o’clock. I’m running out of time.
(Chorus from the song, “I’m Running Out of Time” by Amos Raber)
This song was running through my mine this morning, as I am starting my day. For some reason, time just flies by. But as I thought of how fast time goes from one day to another, I looked back at many of my days in a week and was reminded of a Bible verse. 
So teach us to number our days, that we may apply 
our hearts unto wisdom. Psalms 90:12 (KJV)

When my day is over, what was done for God? Do I look back over my day with regrets, when I see what I did in my day? As I reflect over the two explosions that occurred this week (Boston Marathon and fertilizer plant in West, TX), I had to stop and look at the time that I spend with my family members. Do I make it a priority to spend time with them, ask them about their day, help them with their tasks, or just be the daughter or big sister that God created me to be? 
Many families’ lives have changed dramatically in the scenes that have unfolded in the last several days. Loved ones’ lives were taken instantly, others were suffered massive trauma. Many families just wish they could turn back the clock and erase these disasters from their mind. But these disasters have taken place and many need to move on without loved ones. Many people will hold family close as they move on in life.
Though time with loved ones should always be of utmost importance, it has not always been this way. Such disasters often make us re-think how we are spending our time. Following such disasters, me, as well as many others will spend extra time with loved ones and let them know what they mean to us.
Take time for your loved ones today! Hold your loved ones near and let them know what they mean to you and how much you love them. No one knows what tomorrow holds. 
Praying for the families, EMTs, firefighters, police officers, governments officials, and everyone else that is involved in the situations in Boston, MA, and West, TX. May they feel the prayers of Christians around the world.

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