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Brave…5-Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday


But I am not brave. I am scared. The future looks so dark. I can’t see where I am going. And you call me brave? What is even brave about me.? I may not know what is brave about me, but I know what brave is for the Christian. Brave is “faith.” Tomorrow may be obscured from sight, but the act of placing one foot in front of the other is being brave. Brave sees the path disappear into the forest, but one step at a time, they follow the path to the destination. Brave says “With God’s power, I can face tomorrow.” Brave says “yes” when God says “GO.” Brave is the farmer putting his hand to the plow and not looking back, but focusing on the end of the field. Without faith, brave cannot live. Neither can faith live without brave. The two are inseparable, and both are powerful tools to the life of victory for the Christian.

So go forth full of faith and be brave in the face of tomorrow!

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