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Another Reason for the Quiet…

So you may still be wondering why the continued quietness or the sporadic blogging on my site?!?! Well two words to answer that question 🙂


For those of you who may not know, I am in nursing school. My college studies started in January of 2012 as a part-time student, doing general education classes and prerequisites that would enable me to apply to nursing school. After 2.5 years of general education classes, I received an acceptance letter to the nursing programs of both Harrisburg Area Community College and Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences. It had always been a desire of mine to attend PA College, but I applied to both colleges, as I knew the possibility of not getting into one of them. But with acceptance into both colleges, it still wasn’t hard to make the decision after spending time in prayer and in counsel with other nursing friends. It was with great joy that I accepted the invitation to PA College.

My nursing school education began in August 2014.

Nursing school life
Nursing school life

It was with great trepidation this Mennonite girl entered the classroom on the first day of class in August. She really didn’t know anyone at all, except for one dear teacher who she had been in frequent contact leading up to the first day of class. After the initial first days of class and the awkwardness of not knowing anyone, she soon became acclimated to life in nursing school. And very soon, she found out that nursing school was completely different than the college classes in the community college. But she survived the first semester of nursing school and now the second semester is drawing to a close in 22 days.

Nursing school has brought many things out in me that I never knew I had and also blessed me with many new things

  • The endurance to go without much sleep
  • The ability to cry at the littlest thing that I used to laugh at
  • The ability to thrive on “cellphone” friendships
  • A love/hate relationship with coffee
  • The ability to stomach the unthinkables
  • The joy of seeing a new life come into the world
  • This is not even the tip of the iceberg!

And as the semester once again is drawing to the end, I have begun to pull late-night hours and early mornings as I attempt to complete all the task that need to be completed in the next 3 weeks….

The feeling of many a student nurse...
The feeling of many a student nurse…

This postcard above explains it all. But as this semester draws to a close, I remind myself that God has directed me thus far and He will provide the strength for each moment! He will never leave nor forsake me!

Stay tuned for the reason of “Why Did You Decide to Go to Nursing School.”

Until later, God bless!


2 thoughts on “Another Reason for the Quiet…

  1. Oh the life of a nursing student! Please remind me why I am going back to school for my PhD!! I know I am totally insane! But, hey…we will be students together! 🙂 Am so glad that the Lord led us together as great friends!


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