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Quiet Time

Quiet Time

Let’s break apart the words and see what Webster’s Dictionary has to say.

Quiet: “free from noise and uproar; making or involving no noise or very little noise; tending to speak very little.”

Time: “the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues; the point or period when something occurs.”

These are just a few of the definitions for “quiet” and “time”. So let’s use some of those definitions and put them together: “the point or period when something occurs, free from noise or uproar.” So what does it mean for me or you?

Quiet Time, for me, is stepping back from my everyday, daily routine. Taking time to quiet my mind and immerse myself in God’s Word. Filling my mind with things that build up and strengthen me in my daily walk with God. Sometimes it is even listening to uplifting and encouraging talks by other Christians.

Does it make a difference? For me, it does. When I intentionally take time to quiet my mind, immerse in God’s Word, listen to upbringing talks, it sets the tone for the entire day. No, it doesn’t mean my day goes by with no bumps. Sometimes, it seems that the day is filled with more trials and battles. But in taking time to quiet my mind, it arms me with the resources to be victorious when the battles come.

And yes, sometimes, that quiet time happens before the little one gets up for the day. Or doesn’t happen till the little one takes a nap. But there are also days where I hit the ground running at 4.45am in the morning and don’t stop till after supper. How then does quiet time take place? For me, simply taking a moment to “quiet my mind” while filling my water bottle. Or while I’m hanging up wash. Or even while I’m waiting on my turn to pull meds for my patient.

No matter where you find yourself, you can find the opportunity for quiet time. Time to quiet your mind and allow God to speak to you. He is waiting for us to take the first step: the step of opening our hearts and minds to Him. And yes, you can find “quiet time” among life’s chaos.

Until next time,

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