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A New Chapter of Our Life

Many of you know the journey that we have been walking; a journey of infertility and pregnancy loss. It has been a journey we never expected to take, but through it all, God has been faithful, as we have walked each step. And as we reflected on past experiences and looked toward the future, we wondered what God had in store for us.

In March 2021, we begin the process to become an approved foster home. It was a long process: training, home study, wellness checks, water test, clearances, background checks, etc.

We completed all the items on the list, but ran into a small hiccup. Because, at the time of doing the home study process, I had lived in Nicaragua in the last 10 years and they were unable to get a police report from that area. So we made sure everything was completed and on the 10-year anniversary of me returning from Nicaragua, our home was approved.

And that same day, we received a placement call. Just like that, our household size doubled. We welcomed siblings into our home that evening; a potentially short-term placement. And 2.5 days, they left our home, taking a little part of our hearts with them.

Time moved on and we wondered when we would receive another call. We did receive a few calls, that were not a fit for our home. And in late November, we received a different call. A local foster family was struggling to find someone to take care of their child, while they were at work.

After receiving that call, we agreed to provide respite care for another family. A little one came to our home 2 days, while their family member was at work. It was so much fun to share our love with another little one.

With that respite care behind us, life continued on. Once again, we received a call or two that we had to decline. As we left 2021 and embarked on 2022, we did not know what lay ahead… … … … …

Until next time,

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