great-things-2012 · thanksgiving

"E" is for….

Day 4 of GreaThings, a day late!
Every evening displays its beauty in a different way. Each sunset is unique in its own way. I just love the chance to photograph the evening sky, though it hasn’t happened too recently, due to school priorities. Evenings remind me of how different each of us are and how at the end of our life, our life’s story will be unique. It challenges me to live my life, so that it reflects the beauty of my Savior.

Encuentro de Jovenes…
“Encuentro de Jovenes” is Spanish for a youth meeting. I was privileged to have the opportunity to fly back to Nicaragua for a week to take part in a Spanish Bible School. The blessing of going back to my “second” home, spending time with my friends, studying God’s Word together.

I know they probably do not look to be the healthiest food (and probably aren’t since Nicaraguans cook with oil, like Americans use water), but they were so good. I have attempted to make them several times(with a little less oil), but the natives can make them so much better.

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