great-things-2012 · thanksgiving

Answered Prayers….

Day 5 of GreaThings, also a day late
Answered prayers….my mind seemed to stop. At first thought, my past year didn’t seem to bring any mountain-moving answers to prayer or miracles. However as a daughter of the King, I knew that it was not true.
The most important one that came for me was searching for God’s will as I returned from 2yrs of VS work in Nicaragua. What would God have me do? Where should I go from here? Why was I called home from the place that I had come to love: a place that had so much beauty among destitution and poverty.

Or  called away from those children and adults that had overtaken my heart and held some of the many strong ties: the ones that I cried with when they loss a loved one or were suffering physically, the ones I laughed with as we cooked over open fires.
Why, oh why couldn’t I stay?

But God had other plans in mind for me…I returned to the US, and started back at my previous job, where currently I still work. However in the early fall of 2011, I applied at the local community college. I was accepted and in January of 2012, I begin my General Ed classes for an Associate’s Degree in Nursing. It was a dream come true and an answer to prayer about what He would have me do. I have have found so much blessing in this one answered prayer, that I can only begin to imagine about the others. 
I have made so many new friends, since I started attending college. Some of them have strengthened my Christian walk, causing me to see areas that need some brushing up. He knew just were to place me in this time of my life. How marvelous a God we serve!
I know that this is just one answered prayer, but God is faithful and neither words nor pages suffice to tell all His blessings.

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