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A Little Love

I decided to post a link to a challenging post that I read today. I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.
A Little Love
There is little so daunting as being a Stranger in a strange place. That’s what I decided one day in mid-December as I sat in the sun with bare feet and looked across the wide, wide open space of the San Luis Valley.
For almost as long as I could remember, my Christmases were always white, and our days were filled with family and friends-as-close as family, caroling and warm, crackling fires on long Alaskan evenings. There were little traditions and good natured family banter. It was a happy time, but this year? None of that was going to happen.
A note from me: The Baby that came to earth loved us with an unconditional love, a love that He commands us to share with our neighbors and even enemies. Christmas is not just the time to share this love, but we are to live it out in our daily lives. I personally want to strive to be more loving not only this Christmas season, but each and every day. We have a reason to share this love. We were loved with an unconditional love.

I pray that when the Lord sends an opportunity my way, my eyes would be opened and I would see it as an opportunity to share and not as an inconvenience. Christ does not see us as an inconvenience, but as an eternal soul that needs love and a Savior.

Blessings to all in this Christmas season!

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