Joey’s Story (A True Story) – A Book Review

Joey lied, swore and fought. She smoked in secret and shoplifted when she had half a chance. And she was only a child…But behind the tough shell, Joey’s heart ached and cried out for help. A loving God, already working in her life, heard and answered her cry.

…How the book blessed/challenged me…
Hearing tidbits about this book as it was being written peaked my interest and I waited for the book to be printed. As I read the back of the book, I opened  the book with anticipation, but also much reserve. I was shocked by the reality of the story, but I commend the author for writing Joey’s story in a unique, but reserved way. The book was not written to be read as a passing whim, but the author has written in a way that pulls you into the story. You will weep with Joey as she experiences many extreme trials, but you also will rejoice with her as she relates the many joys that blessed her life. 
Joey’s Story is the experience of so many lives, relating to families as they open their homes via adoption/foster to many young hurting souls out there. Sadly, it is also the experience that many young people encounter in their homes today. In Joey’s Story, the author portrays that the story is not written as “pity-me” book, but rather it was written to be of help to others out there that can relate to Joey’s experience. Both Joey  and the author wish to portray the story in a way that it might reveal the peace that can be found in Christ. The reader is also challenged to look around them for the Joeys in their lives and to take time to reach out to them.
Joey’s Story was the type of book that I picked up and read from front cover to back cover without laying it down. Joey has shown the reader that as a hurting person, you can find victory and strength for tomorrow. She has shown that God is there…all we need to do is call out to Him.

…About The Author…
Ruth Ann Stelfox lives in Alberta, Canada with her husband. She has written “Tears of the Rain”, the family’s personal story of moving from Alberta to Monrovia, Liberia. Joey’s Story was the 2nd book that Ruth Ann has written. 
Joey’s Story can be purchased from Christian Light Publications.
Note: Joey’s Story was written in a very discrete manner, however it is not a children’s book.

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