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Who Shall Dwell – Psalms 15 Review

David starts this Psalm with a question for us all to ponder. “Who?” The next verses clearly state those will dwell. As we look into the next verses, we soon realize that there is more than a single action.

He who walks uprightly and worketh righteousness,  and speaketh truth in his heart: What is uprightly? According to Strong’s: complete, whole, sound, entire, healthful, innocent, having integrity, that which is complete and entirely in accord with truth and fact – this is he who walks uprightly! As I look over my personal life, is it complete, sound, healthful? Or is it lacking integrity and full of half-truths? In my everyday life, do I do that which is right and just, or do I slide into the background, afraid and ashamed to do what is right?

He that backbiteth not with his tongue, nor doeth evil to his neighbor, nor taketh up a reproach against his neighbor: To backbite not with my tongue-not only does that mean slandering with my tongue, but being a tale-bearer and/or a spy. Do I go out of my way to “spy” on my neighbor, so I can advise my friends of the bad that my neighbor is doing? As I interact with my friends/neighbors, am I aware of what I say or do I intentionally say something that I know might hurt them. In my relationships, do I make it my main goal to  be approachable or am I always at odds with my friends? When differences of opinions arise, do I listen with an open mind, or do I refuse to listen?

He that doeth these things shall never be moved! Though I only expounded on a few of the many challenges that God revealed through the Psalmist, there are many others listed in this short Psalm. Revealed at the end of this Psalm, we are reminded that if we do this things, we shall stand firm. 
And as I looked at these verses and the rest of the chapter, I realized that so often I fall short, but I questioned myself. Am I willing to change and strive to serve and grow more in my relationship with God, since the Lord has revealed His standards to me. Or will I sit back and sulk and say that I never will attain that which He desires?
My challenge that I received is to step up to the plate today and ask God for the strength to change my life and live more like Him.
Blessings to all as you desire to grow more like our Lord!

PS: We will be turning to Psalms 16 this week!

3 thoughts on “Who Shall Dwell – Psalms 15 Review

  1. What a blessing it is to serve a God who has the power to work the impossibility of the Christian life in our lives! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andrea! 🙂 They were a blessing to read, as always.


  2. Hello! Thank you so much for following and commenting on our blog!
    My hat's off to you for sewing your own scrubs! Practical sewing is what I need to do more of. =]
    A lovely post! We all need more Jesus in our lives! I hope and pray that each day he will show me more ways I can live like Him and that he'll give me the strength I need to do it!



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