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Silence: according to Merriam-Webster is

  1. forbearance from speech or noise
  2. absence of sound or noise
  3. absence of mention

In my case of writing, my silence is the “absence of mention.” Almost eight months have passed, and there has been complete silence here. What is the cause of this silence, you may ask? Life is busy and time slips away – or is that just an excuse? Sometimes I think we make our lives too busy by failing to say “no” at the appropriate times, but sometimes our busyness is also a result of the current stage of life we are in.


The event that most climaxed March was that of my grandparents’ estate sale. My grandparents had moved into an assisted care facility the end of 2016 and we had begun the work of preparing the estate for auction. Just before the sale, we were blessed with snow, so family members pushed the snow off the yard to allow it to dry off in time for the sale. It was a busy day with the auction starting early in the morning and going on to mid-afternoon, but we had a great sale.


School continued for me, but we also had some very enjoyable memories throughout the month. We spent time with our close friends from Chambersburg one Sunday afternoon, a weekend with family at the cabin, nursing school winding down, the final day of clinical rotation in the hospital, a surprise visit from a very special friend while at school one weekend, a day in NYC (singing in the subway and having an enjoyable time with friends).


Two major events was my graduation from nursing school and the passing of my grandmother. Both were life-changing events and happened in the same week. Graduation was Thursday night and Grandma passed on to her eternal reward the next evening.


A month that brought about an event that would lead to the most life-changing event of the year for us. A very special young man in my life asked me to be his wife! And we planned to be married in a few short weeks away on September 23. We spent some time in Wilkes-Barre this summer helping with Summer Bible School there. We traveled north beyond Wilkes-Barre to visit friends and enjoy the scenery, as well. Wedding fabric shopping with my mother and sisters one day, visiting with cousins and their children, mowing the lawn at our home – this was some of the other events of the month.


House cleaning, wedding preparation, bridal shower were just some of the things that took place in July. My mother and sister had a very beautiful bridal shower for me – the decorations and food were phenomenal.


More wedding planning, more house cleaning – all the last minute things to work on completing before the September 23rd wedding date. It was crazy, fun, overwhelming, busy, joyful, tiring, but wonderful as we worked together in preparing for the wedding and our home.


This was the month that brought about a life-changing event in our life as a couple. September 23rd dawned as a beautiful fall morning and as evening drew to a close, we were now…….

Mr. & Mrs. Linford Zimmerman


After our honeymoon to Nicaragua, the month of October was used as we began to settle into our home and our new life together. God has been faithful as we learn this new journey of life together.


This is one of the seven Catholic Cathedrals in Granda, Nicaragua and is the cathedral that is almost always pictured when looking at information of Granada.



A new favorite song of mine is below. I recently heard the song again and it is my heart’s cry in whatever I do. To be a servant to whomever I meet – rich, poor, sick, well, friend, stranger. Our own Lord looked after others, even in His own suffering, when He commanded John to take care of His mother. My desire, no matter what life brings, is to be a servant in any way I can.

Until the next time, Lord Bless!

In His Service,


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