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Who I Am…(Part 1)

My mind often tends to wander as I drive and today that was the case. Today, my mind drifted to the topic of “who I am”. We each have unique traits that define who we are. Our pasts have shaped us into who we are. The past is a means of molding our future for better or for worse. My thoughts first went to a song by Casting Crowns – “Who Am I”.

I’m a sinner saved by grace; a child of the King: The song reminds us that it is not because of what we have done. Rather it is a result of what God has done for us. My life has been changed because of what God has done for me – He sent His Son as a sacrifice. Jesus paid my sin with His death on the cross – does my life reflect that change? Can people see who I am?

I’m the oldest of 8 children: what does that say about me? Does it have a negative impact on my life and actions today? Do I boss everyone I come in contact with? Do I think I am always right? Must it always be my way? Or has it strengthened my actions? Am I willing to be a leader when necessary? Do I know when to be a follower and allow others to lead? Does it make me a better person?

I am a wife to a wonderful, God-fearing husband: the very way we became acquainted with one another was by God’s divine hand. My husband has been a wonderful blessing – he compliments and challenges me in many ways. He is willing to allow God to lead and direct in our home (and thus answering the call to move to Wayne Co, PA about 1.5 years ago). I would not be where I am today, if it wasn’t for my husband.

I am a mother: if you do not know us, you may wonder what I mean. Yes, I am mother, even though neither of our children are with us on this earth. “Until We Can” is a post that tells of our journey of shattered dreams, empty arms – all pieces of the walk we have been called to. Infertility is a journey that is not easily understood, until you have walked a “mile in those shoes”. And though Araya and Madison are not here in person, we know that someday we will see our children again.

Who are you? Does your life reflect who you are?

To be continued…

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