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Quiet for a spell…

I have been so quiet here of late! Sometimes life and other obligations take over and hobbies get pushed to the back burner. But in looking back over the months were not much was said, so much happened!

I am down to the final 4 months of nursing school. I will be honest – it does consume a large amount of my time, but this experience has been a wonderful experience – ministering to and being ministered to.


My view many nights – textbooks and coffee/tea to keep me going

One of the key highlights for the end of last year was a trip to Nicaragua! It was so wonderful to go “home.” The time flew by, oh so fast. I did not travel by myself, rather I went with 11 other friends. We spent time at the Olive Branch Menn Mission in Leon, Nicaragua. The men had two work projects and we ladies helped with meals, passed out baby bundles and house-cleaned the church. We also had many fun “tourist” experiences as well.


An evening by the water – spending time studying for girls’ class

While there, I was given the privilege to teach the young girls’ class on Saturday. That was one of my favorite teaching assignments when I had lived there, that I was overjoyed to be given the opportunity. There is only so much you can pack into a 2-hr class (lesson and craft combined). The lesson I decided to focus on was the “Proverbs 31” woman and how she is applicable to young ladies. As is the case in most teaching assignments, the teacher almost always learns just as much if not more than the students.


Craft time – making pillows

For the craft project, we helped the girls make fleece pillows. For me, it was so wonderful to be part of the class and to spend time with the young girls.

Our time there ended too fast and it was time to come home. God was seen in so many ways during our trip and He receives all the honor and glory.

Coming back to the States….well let’s just say, we hit the ground running. With Christmas and New Year, and then just several short days before school started up again. We have had a fairly mild winter so far, but seeing God’s hand as He paints each day is a reminder of the Master Artist that we serve.


The sun as it sets over Lebanon County



The rising sun over the ice-laden earth.

2016 flew by – God was ever present in many experiences. As I look into the new year, I can’t help but wonder where all God will lead and what all He has in store. One thing that is sure – with each passing day, we come one day closer to going “HOME.” That thought should fill us with joy. If it fills us with doubt, we need to look at our life and make it right before it is eternally too late.


Go with God this year! Seek Him early! Call on Him! Surrender yourself completely to His will!

I leave you with one of my favorite songs. We truly are blessed – a forgiven child of God

Blessings as you serve Him in your corner of the world!





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