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The Last First Day

The last first day…a phrase that seems to contradict itself. But for me, it means so much! Why – you may ask? Well, for those who may not remember – I am in nursing school! This journey started several years ago – January 2012 to be exact. But how does the last first day apply to this? Because Lord willing, May 2017, I will graduate from the nursing program as an Associate’s Degree RN.


For me, my “last first days” took place this past week. Thursday night started the final semester of nursing theory and Saturday started the final semester of nursing clinical. This final semester encompasses advanced medical-surgical rotation, as well as leadership.

This final semester seemed like it would never come, but in looking back over the past 5 years, it seems like time has flown by. The past 5 years of college classes, both gen-ed classes and prereqs have taught me so much. Much time was spent studying textbooks, many tears were shed over PowerPoints, and many new things learned and applied.

As I thought of the last first day, I also thought of that in a spiritual sense. There is another first day coming for all – that first day is know as Eternity. Each day that closes brings us one day closer to that day when the Lord shall return to usher all his faithful servants to their eternal reward. And though it is his desire that none should perish, there will be many who say “Lord, Lord” and he will say to them “depart from me.”

As we think of that first day that is approaching, it should beckon us to reflect on our life – where will you spend eternity? Eternity is just that – it will go on forever, there will be no end. As is the desire of our Lord, so is the desire in my heart! Make your destination sure before it is forever too late. He beckons you today! Come yet while you have breath!

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