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The Nursing Process – Personal Life Application


Nursing process – what is that? Well, it is a concept that is drilled into nursing students from the first day they enter nursing school and is carried through and developed as we finish school and continue on as nurses. It is a concept that is used every single day with every single patient – it enables the nurse to provide competent care for each of her patients.

But the nursing process (or as it is known) is not limited to nursing – an aspect I had not thought about prior to during a required reading for this coming weekend. But when I stepped back and looked, I have been using the “nursing process” in my own life for so long – I just didn’t put two and two together.

So what is this nursing process? How can it be applied to one’s personal life?

Nursing Process – related to patient care

  • Assessment: looking at the data collected; current information on the patient
  • Diagnosis/Analysis: what is the pressing problem/priority medical concern at the moment
  • Planning: how can we best resolve the current problem
  • Implementation: the steps we take to resolving the problem
  • Evaluation: stepping back and reviewing the effectiveness of the resolution

Looking at those five steps, these are steps we take (or at least I do) subconsciously in our daily lives to work through issues and resolve things that come up. Or maybe we use them in planning an event. But in looking at what is known as the “nursing process” and recognizing that it is not necessarily a foreign process, but rather something that comes naturally – it just has a different name.

Take time to apply the “nursing process” to your life.

  • Sit down with God’s Word and think on the problem/area in your life
  • Determine the change that may be necessary
  • Seek God’s will in making the change
  • With God’s power and the prayers of loved ones, make that change
  • As time passes, look back at the change and see how it has affected your life and how with God by your side, you made the change

I know I will never think of the nursing process the same. And in making that connection, I pray that not only will it have a positive effect on my personal life, but it will also make a difference in the way I work with each and every one of my patients.

Look to the Lord for guidance and direction in each and every day.

A challenge for you – be the difference you want to see in the world!

Blessings till the next time!


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