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Another Flower in the Master’s Bouquet

Photo credit: Unknown (found on Pinterest)


Tears flowed, oh so freely! A precious little one was called from our presence last week to walk the streets of glory. No more would we see her smiling face, play peek-a-boo, listen to her giggle, hear the patter of her little feet as she ran. And we all wondered “why.” A little brother who didn’t understand where his playmate had gone. Parents’ arms that were empty. A little person missing from a loving home.

As we stood by the graveside, listening to friends sing of “The Prettiest Flowers” the thought came to mind. She was called home – she is now blooming in the Master’s Bouquet.

This precious little was called home to Jesus’ arms to bloom in His bouquet. And we don’t understand why she had to go, but we have this promise that we will see her again. Her death is not the end of her life, but rather it is only the beginning of the best part of life. For the Christian who daily lives for Christ, they have a promise – death is not the end, but rather the beginning to life eternal.

As Christians, we are reminded that unless we become as children, we cannot enter into heaven (Matthew 18:1-4). These little ones have so much to teach us – Jesus loved children. We saw that plainly in Matthew 19:14. Little children held a special place in the heart of Jesus and they should also hold a special place in our hearts.

Eternity is final – make your reservation sure!

Until the next time,


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