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This World is Not My Home…

As I sat and pondered things that had taken place in the last several weeks, I was reminded of how temporary our stay is here on earth. All the earthly possessions that we hold dear, are but fleeting moments in time. A familiar song came to mind, from which I drew the title of today’s post.

And as I took time to listen to the words of this song penned by Albert E Brumley, I stopped to take a look at my own life. Had I become so comfortable with life here and now, that I failed to long for that which calls to me from heaven? Was my life a reflection of the One I serve? Or had it become a shrine here on earth? The thoughts were sobering to me as I stepped back and reflected on my life.

So what was more important…a home with not a pillow out of place? Or was it the time that was spent encouraging a sister in her daily walk with Christ? Was it making sure that each room was up-to-date with decorations? Or was it caring for little ones, who just wanted to be held and cuddled?

So amidst the daily task of keeping house, making meals, and working an outside job, my heart’s cry is to remember where my “home” is. I am only a stranger and pilgrim passing through this world here. And yes, while we are here, God has called us to be stewards of that which He has blessed us. Being stewards encompasses that of time and resources. So when a day presents with the opportunity to care for another sister in her time of need or to clean the house may we step back and make a difference, remembering what really matters.

Because while I love a neat and tidy house, some days God places a burden on my heart to minister in another way. And each day is a new learning experience!

May the Lord richly bless you in your journey!


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