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Life in the North

As you might have noticed, time had lapsed from posts. And some may have know the reason for the absence of posting. Questions might have come to the minds of a few of you. Well, I thought I might give you a little update into the changes and big adjustments that have taken place in the last 8 months.

Through the course of discussion, in April of this year, my husband and I felt the call to move from Lancaster County to Wayne County, PA. Prior to our marriage, I had been involved with an outreach church in Wilkes-Barre, PA, helping to teach Sunday School and Summer Bible School. During our time of courtship, we had talked about the possibility of some day moving from Lancaster County to help with church outreach.

Prayers filled our minds as we traveled to Wilkes-Barre for services one Sunday morning. Once again we  were discussing the opportunity that lay in Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas. There was a tugging at our hearts and later that day, a church brother asked us if we would consider moving into their home, as they were looking for a larger home. After much prayer, we made the decision to move to Wayne County. But plans changed and the previous home was not available.

Expectantly, we waited on God! We did not know what He had for us. We prayed, sought counsel, and continued to prepare to sell our Lancaster County home. Looking for a new home in Wayne County was now added to our list of things to do. But we serve an AWESOME God, who cares about each one of us as we walk with Him.

As we looked to the Lord and waited on Him, in many ways, God reminded us of how He cares for what we need. Our house went on the market June 18 and by June 21st, we had a written agreement to sign. We had made an offer on a home in Wayne County on June 20th and by June 23rd, we had reached an agreement on a new home. Our previous home in Leola had sold prior to us having a new home. But the Lord reminded us of each detail.

Changes began to happen so quickly. Notices were handed in to current jobs and the search for new jobs began. It was time to start packing, so decluttering began quickly. Plans were made to clean the old house, as well as to clean the new house when we made settlement. Change isn’t always easy, but each day was a learning curve with the Lord by our side.

Each day came with new things to do. Each month we found ourselves a little more settled in Wayne County, Pa and absence from Lancaster County seemed not so big anymore. Little by little, our home in Wayne County has become our new home. Freshly painted walls, little touches – each made the house our home.

So hopefully this has given you all a little insight to what has been happening for us. I hope to start writing a little more often. Writing is something that I love and hope that I will have more time for it as the days move on.

Blessings to you each and every day!

Until next time!

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